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If you thread with Tas and want things to go missing you need to contact me(the mun) either through OCC, email, or AIM. Otherwise things won't go missing. If I want to have him do such acquiring I will ping you and ask.

Tasslehoff Burfoot is a Kender. He is about four foot tall. He's got a topknot of brown hair on his head, this is like a beard is to a Dwarf. Now, Tass, looks like a 12 year old human, until you notice his pointed ears, and the wrinkles in his face that appear when he smiles. For some reason the Kender think that wrinkles are a mark of beauty, go figure. Anyway, He wears a fur vest , leggings and lots of pouches. He has a whoopack staff, that is a walking stick with a fork at one end, sharpened at the other and a sling in the fork. The sharpened end is tipped with a soft steel, it is not for defense per se but for better walking stick status. It is good for scaring enemies when waved around in a way, it makes an eerie noise. It can be used to launch projectiles as well as scaring people. It also is a good parrying weapon.

He has no fear, well, he said to be the only Kender that does feel fear. He has a bad habit of acquiring things from other people, without their knowledge or permission. Don't call it stealing to his face, that will just hurt his feelings, he is well meaning, and just wanted to make sure it was safe. He will give back items acquired in this way. It is said that anything that is not nailed down in a Kender home is fair game, and that anything that has been in the family for more than two weeks is considered a family heirloom. He is generally in a good mood, and is easily amused. He finds value in objects that others would consider worthless. It is not because he likes all things trashy, he finds something interesting in the objects. Like how I value my grandmother's old Madam Alexander Doll with the cracked face, missing fingers, and arm. To me she is worth much more than monetary value. Tass is a very good pickpocket, most people would not even notice they had been picked. He can spring locks with a breathtaking ease. His pouches contain some very interesting objects, and he owns lots of maps, some of which he has had to fill in himself, and he has scribbled notes to himself on them, like, don't go back here, they don't like you. Kender have this wanderlust, it afflicts every one of them in and around their 20's it last for up to 30 years:
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This explanation of wanderlust is offered in Legends - volume one - Time of The Twins - by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman "At this time, they gleefully strike out for parts unknown, intent on finding nothing except adventure and whatever beautiful, horrible, or curious items might by chance fall into their bulging pouches. Completely immune to the self-preserving emotion of fear, afflicted by unquenchable curiosity, the kender population on Krynn was not a large one, for which most of Krynn was devoutly grateful."

Kender can live up to about 100 years old and when they die it is viewed as the “Last great Adventure.” This may sound like they would be happy, but when a loved one dies, it is a very sad time for a Kender, and yes they do get depressed. A depressed Kender is a scary thing, because the bubbling joy and hyperness is what is part of these happy little people.

Some more things about Kender from the Kencylopedia:

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Since the inception of the kender race, there have been three rules that have been held by all kender above anything else. Later as the race pulled together and formed communities, cities, and nations, these three rules became the backbone of kender law and remain so to this day. They are known as "The Three Truths", for they are the moral fiber of what kender hold dear.

1- Never betray a friend
2- Always cherish life
3- Never use something that someone else isn't done with

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Kender have pouches for the same reason a chipmunk has cheek space, it’s just natural. Kender have a tendency to pick up anything that is not nailed down. They do not do this out of greed but out of the intense curiosity they received during their creation that forces them look into locked chests, sneak into guarded rooms, and reach into the pouches and pockets of those around them just to see what’s in there. They usually don’t intend to keep what they have found, but find that the person they borrowed it from has walked away, or that they themselves have wandered on. In these instances the kender shoves the item into a pouch pledging to return the item to the proper owner at their earliest possible convenience.
by Kipper Snifferdoo(

Tasseloff Burrfoot is from Dragon Lance , and is the property of whoever published with TSR. He/she appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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